Online prayers

If you wish to participate in prayers, you can do so by joining the prayers on YouTube provided by Kadampa Meditation Centre Canada.

All the prayers are in English and you can follow along with a prayer booklet you can order online here

Some prayer practices include a 10-15  min silence added for personal unguided meditation and some practices include a tsog offering in which you are welcome to offer a beautiful offering such as flowers, candles or delicious vegetarian food such as baked goods, jam/honey, biscuits, fruit, raw veggies or candy.

Cost: Free!

Below are the current prayers:

Heart Jewel

Wishfulfilling Jewel with a tsog offering

Tara prayers – Liberation from Sorrow

Prayers for the deceased for those that have recently died in last 49 days.

Offering to the Spiritual Guide – 25th of the month

Offering to the Spiritual Guide – Long Life (10th of the month)