GROUP PUJAS (Chanted Prayers)

We engage in weekly, monthly and special day group pujas (chanted prayers) practice that everyone is welcome to join.  All the prayers are in English and you can follow along with a prayer booklet provided. Some prayer practices include a 10-15  min silence added for personal unguided meditation and some practices include a tsog offering in which you are welcome to bring a beautiful offering such as flowers, candles or delicious vegetarian food such as baked goods, jam/honey, biscuits, fruit, raw veggies or candy to offer.

See our online calendar for exact times and any changes to our schedule.

Cost: Free!


Tuesdays 5-6pm Heart Jewel  short Dharma Protector Prayers

Thursdays 5-6pm Wishfulfilling Jewel middling Dharma Protector Prayers


every second Sunday of the month at 2-3pm Powa Practice (Transference of Consciousness) for those that have recently died in last 49 days.

every 8th is Tara Prayers: Liberation from Sorrow

every 10th & 25th is Offering to the Spiritual Guide

every Sunday at 10:30-11:30am Prayers for World Peace

Every end of the month (usually last Friday of each month) Wishfulfilling Jewel